What is sublimation?

Textile sublimation is the printing technique with which we can reproduce any type of design without color limitations on white polyester garments. From photographs to gradients, shadows, or full-color illustrations.

What is the sublimation process?

Textile sublimation consists of printing designs on paper in a sublimation printer with inks for that purpose. Once the paper is printed, it goes on to the next process, stamping. To do this, the paper and fabric are subjected to a heating process.

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is a versatile, elegant, and resistant printing technique. Custom garments with embroidery add value to a brand, company, or club. A small embroidery in the heart area is a very popular option between designers and clothing brands to create embroidered t-shirts for resale.

What are the advantages of custom embroidery?

  • Great durability. If the garment is treated with due care, the embroidery can be considered of unlimited duration.
  • Less manufacturing time.
  • Professionalism.
  • It is a great advertising tool
  • Mark the difference.

Does Digital Advance offer garments for embroidery or just embroidery?

We offer all kinds of garments, from dress shirts, polo shirts, caps, tablecloths, towels, etc.

What is laser impression?

The “laser” in printing is used to generate an electrostatic charge, which is used to transfer the toner to the paper, which then adheres to the surface of the page using heat.

What is ink printing?

An ink cartridge or ink jet cartridge is a replaceable assembly in a printer that contains the ink and often also the print head itself that projects the ink onto the paper during printing.

What advantages do laser printers have?

Thanks to its technology, the ink does not run like in other types of printers.

What are the advantages of printing in ink?

They work with all kinds of special papers. Best for color printing.

What is sign vinyl?

Sign vinyl is a type of plasticized PVC with an adhesive side. It is used at a professional level for carrying out promotional campaigns, for vehicle signage, and for decorating shop windows of your business.

What is Adhesive Vinyl, and what is it used for?

  • Vinyl is a material, as its name indicates, that is adhesive and pressure sensitive, this material is made with a vinyl polymer and a methylate polymer.
  • This is a material commonly used by digital printing, since with if it is possible to create designs and images. The interesting and attractive thing about this material that also makes it super versatile is that the sheets can be cut and adapted to almost any shape and size.

What is thermo-adhesive vinyl?

  • It is a vinyl plastic film with a thermo-adhesive layer that is used for printing garments and all kinds of textile articles.
  • One of the main advantages of using textile vinyl is that it is resistant to washing and everything based on its plastic. This is one of the best known printing techniques and best of all, it allows us to innovate with all kinds of designs every day. It is also recognized as a stamping or thermo-printing technique.